Friday, August 26, 2005

War At Mere 37% Support In New Poll

A new poll conducted for the AP has found support for the Iraq War at a mere 37%, and 9 out of 10 adults support the right for those opposed to the war to publicly oppose it. This is further evidence of the disconnect from reality of the Bush Administration who looks for constant new evolving reasons to justify this war.

Back as far as 1997, when Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz all members of the defense contractor funded PNAC(Project For The New American Century)searched for reasons to justify the restart of the old 1990-91 Gulf War, testimony of Paul Wolfowitz to Congress included the need for America to secure oil supplies under the control of Saddam Hussein, on one side of the Strait of Hormuz, and with Iran on the other side. Then the argument evolved into one of a claim that Saddam may or may not have WMDs in a letter rejected by then President Bill Clinton, signed by Donald Rumsfeld and other PNAN members to restart the old Gulf War in 1998. After that date, members of the PNAC and defense industry searched for a candidate who would support the restart of the old Gulf War, and Bush seemed to be their best bet. As Governor when some in the funeral industry were being investigated in Texas, it had been argued on many Websites that Bush helped this industry out in a scandal that could have ended his career if all the facts were made public. This kind of blind devotion yo big business made Bush a near legend to business interests. Bush was seen as the perfect poster boy to stand with the big money interests and to start a war based on shallow evidence to benefit big corporations like the defense industry interests who really wanted this war.

Right after the 2001 inauguration, Paul O'Neill, former Secretary Of The Treasury, claimed that the Bush Administration was completely obsessed with restarting the old Gulf War in Iraq. The 9/11 attacks distracted the efforts for a while, but then finally were used in a false public perception that Iraq was somehow responsible for 9/11. It seems that most Americans are no experts on MidEast history or personalities, and the Bush Administration did not promote these false perceptions, but rather took advantage of the public wave of support these false generalaties created and used this to bolster their efforts. And claims of Dr. Condoleezza Rice claimed that Iraq may be responsible for a "mushroom cloud" if the U.S. did not act. Then the war was started and of course no WMDs were found because all of this either destroyed by the UNSCOM arms inspections or by order of Saddam Hussein who did not want any evidence to be found that would implicate him in a war crimes trial. Now that Iraq has gone badly, the latest evolving story from Bush is that we're fighting "terrorists" in Iraq, or better there than here, which is another absurdity as the insurgency is a result of the American role in Iraq.

Just like LBJ, who used falseshoods related to the attack on the USS Maddox which many claim never ever happened to get America involved with both feet into Vietnam, Bush cannot accept that fact he was wrong about Iraq, and feels that each latest evolving story might catch on with the public, hoping enough are gullible enough to accept the latest evolving story as a good justification for nearly everything that has gone wrong with this war.

But the worst may be yet to come with Iraq, the Sunni minority is not at all happy with the proposed constitution which may create the breakup of Iraq into three seperate countries or fuel a bloody civil war. Either would be virtually uncontrollable for the U.S. There are many reasons that Iraq is similar to Vietnam, while different but worse in it's own way. Vietnam was bad, but certainly did not involve the MidEast oil supplies in close range or a possible broad conflict with Israel and Iran. The MidEast is now unstable because of Iraq, which may clearly start to fail within days to months unless the Sunni minority can be brought into, rather left out of the constitution process. Time will tell.


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