Monday, August 22, 2005

Views Critical Of Iraq War Grow

Over the past few days, includng the Sunday morning talk shows, fresh evidence of more and more Americans becoming critial of the Iraq War is apparent. Not only the growing support for the protest effort of Cindy Sheehan has ignited the antiwar community, but even Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam War vet has become critcal of the war effort.

On Sunday, Meet The Press addressed the issue I have expressed here for the last few days, that militias in Iraq are threatening the entire American success and undermining the government in Iraq. And General Westly Clark, addressed another concern that I stated here, the influence of Iran and Syria in Iraq, as an undermining force.

While there is a huge disagreement with the direction for the American efforts, ranging from Cindy Sheehan's "withdrawal now from Iraq" sentiment, to a direction of others to fix the problems that are dooming the American effort, the trend is clear. Even among many who support the war effort only because America is now so involved with "both feet into Iraq" , there are serious concerns about the listing effort.

Today another deadline looms for the government of Iraq to finish their draft of the nation's constitution or to dissolve and hold new elections. This will be a disaster for America, and leave America holding up the broken pieces of a failed policy. Hopefully some document can be approved today and at least maintain the appearance of forward momentum in Iraq. But insugents are taking advantage of today's deadline are already staged successful attacks on an oil pipeline and electrical service. Both of these are difficult to repair, and create more disatisfaction in Iraq. The situation in Iraq is very bad. Any like Senator Trent Lott who claimed that America is winning in Iraq are hardly looking reality in the face.

I know one thing. I wouldn't buy a used car from anyone who claim's America is winning in Iraq.


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