Monday, June 27, 2005

Censorship At The DNC

It's always important for me to be honest and upfront about any facts. Yesterday it cost me. I like to contribute commentary to a number of websites, regardless of their ideology. And just a few days ago I was sent a survey on party policy, and was considered a leader within the Democratic Party. Yesterday, without any comment, the DNC suddenly disabled any access to post commentary on their website and yanked a number of commentaries I had posted.

And the party seems to lock me out of sending any Email to the party management to explain the reason for this purge from their ranks. I had the rug suddenly pulled out although I have many friends at the DNC website. This makes me very sad. But sadder is the nature of censorship at the DNC. It's simply not as good of an organization as it should be. Just like the Republicans which include liberals like Paul Newman, Justice John Paul Stevens and others, all the way to far rightists such as James Dobson, and Dr. D. James Kennedy. The Democrats include the left such as Dennis Kucinich and myself, all the way to neoconservative former military generals and conservative Southern Democrats. Both parties are big tents, although forces in both parties would like to shrink those tents, but not the number of voters.

Yesterday I posted some tough but substantiated statements about Karl Rove. On several websites, including the authorative and often quoted website, The Command Post, also validated my statements. According to The Command Post, "Karl Rove is, in fact the grandson of Karl Heinz Roverer, the Gauleiter of Mecklenberg, who was also a parner and senior engineer of Roverer Sud-Deutche Ingenieuab Ro(Roverer) AG. They built Birchenau, the concentration camp in nazi Germany". I offered the same information on the DNC website. And a Google search of DNC past posts also found another post that offered the same opinion about Rove. Yet because I posted this information, my ability to post commentary was deleted in a purge against me.

I do not post libel or false statements. I only posted the statements about Karl Rove after I was satisfied that sufficiently authorative websites validated this information that he was indeed the grandson of a Nazi leader that built and designed gas chambers that killed many men, women and children. I also framed my argument within the context of scripture, that clearly states the generational effects of evil. That evil is a curse that will not leave a family for seven generations. This is important in the context of some outrageous statements by Rove and the handprint of dirty tricks such as the smear campaign against to make him appear unAmerican with the "Swift Boats" ads. Rather than being a brillant political advisor and strategist, Rove is merely vicious. A campaigner that tears out the jugular from his opponents. This is not sporting, and is not worthy of admiration or respect in my view. It represents part of the evil of his grandfather. Spiritually it is highly suspect in my view. It may win an election, but it is like making a deal with the Devil.

It deeply hurts me that some censors at the DNC want to appear so badly to be quasimoderates, that any view that is seen as very liberal is now censored. It proves that Democrats want the votes of progressives, but not their political input. This is very sad. Many progressives like Dennis Kucinich represent the soul of the Democratic Party, raising spiritual questions about the evil of war, poverty and injustice.

If I'm no longer welcome at the Democratic Party website, it might say something very good about me. That I don't varnish the truth or whitewash hard facts. That I look to spiritual reasons to pin my arguments together, because I hardly feel that many moral arguments cannot be made outside of a deep belief and respect for God. And that God expects the best of man, to hate evil, and to love good. I believe that Rove represents darkness. I prefer to trust in light.

I don't know if the DNC will ever have me back. I felt I always acted in a responsible manner. I don't understand much of the leadership of Howard Dean, although I hope his leadership is successful. But just like the Republicans, you have another organization that leaves much to be desired.


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