Sunday, June 19, 2005

Iraq Simply A Magnet For Jihadists - The Kucinich/Jones Bill For American Troops To leave Iraq Is The Only Answer To This Cycle Of Violence

If the current large scale military effort by the Americans proves anything, it's that Iraq is simply a magnet for insurgents. This proves the need for Congress to support the Kucinich-Jones American troop withdrawal proposal in Congress as soon as possible because instead of the American presense bringing stability, fighters from Sudan, Algeria, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and many other nations are drawn like a magnet to Iraq to fight Americans. When these fighters cannot touch Americans, they then turn to violence against Iraqi citizens who are thought to support the American efforts. This cycle of killing and instability will not stop until American soldiers leave Iraq, and the people of Iraq are in charge of their own security. Iraq had an effective police force and military once before, why the current police force and military is so undisciplined and similar to the failed Vietnamization of the Vietnam War is something of a mystery. But America simply cannot continue to stay in Iraq. Our continued presense promotes more Arab nationalist regional insurgency and Jihad against this unwanted Western presense in Iraq. It violates the values of those follow the Muslim faith in a very orthodox form.

The problem is many Americans will see some "success" in the current American effort near the Syrian border in Iraq, and think that America is somehow turning the corner. But this is hardly the case. Just like Vietnam, Americans may have won every major battle, but lost the war. Iraq is very similar. Americans can win battlefield victories over the insurgents, yet this hardly touches the Jihadist camps that span the MidEast, or brings overall stability to Iraq. As long as an American presense remains, foreign fighters and homegrown Sunni insurgents will continue and intensify their attacks. Hopefully Congress will have an honest debate on withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. The Kuncinich-Jones proposal is a serious attempt to force the people of Iraq to tend to their own security, and to eventually restore stability and peace to Iraq. No one wants to see cruel insurgents take control of Iraq. But this becomes more likely as more extremists organize all throughout the Muslim world in response to the American presense in Iraq. A government by the people of Iraq, without the American presense would go a long way towards undermining this Jihadist moltivation to create an endless cycle of violence in Iraq.

The current large scale military effort by American soldiers has scored some success. Freeing hostages, preventing torture, preventing further carbombings, and capturing weapons or preventing insurgents from violence are indeed good. But the problem is that this task becomes unending. It is the continued American presense that spurs this insurgency. And many Sunnis feel powerless in Iraq and become domestic members of this insurgency as well. From 1917 until 1958, Britain fought a losing war in Iraq. The anticolonial sentiment against Britain kept this insurgent war alive against britain for 41 years, despite massive British airstrikes on villages, and mustard gas attacks and firebombings of entire villages. The cycle of violence in Iraq will not slow or stop until American troops, considered by generations of Iraqis to be a force similar to colonial Britain leave Iraq.


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