Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One Suspect Arrested In Hollywood Arson Spree, But A TMZ Producer Identifies A Second Person

A probable German national, Harry Burkhart, who kept on shouting, "I hate America", was arrested as a prime suspect for the Hollywood arson spree where 53 properties and automobiles were set on fire. The 24 year old had been described as a radical leftist by some news sources, while others claim that he was upset that his mother is involved in facing deportation from an immigration fight. But, police haven't yet released a motive by Burkhart, who was initially arrested because he resembled a person of interest in a surveillance video. Police later searched his minivan which was registered with a Canadian license plate, finding probable arson equipment which was seized as evidence. Burkhart's mother claims her son is mentally ill.

If Burkhart is convicted of the arson spree, which totals around $3 million in damage, then he could could face close to life in prison because the potential for loss of life was so high due to his serious actions. At least one fireman was injured from a fall

But, one producer for TMZ is somewhat disputing some key facts here. He claims that he personally witnessed a possible accomplice or another person other than Burkhart who actually tampered with a car that later exploded in flames. Numerous police and detectives contacted the TMZ producer, who again noted that the man who was arrested by police is not the same man he saw tampering with the car before it burst into flames. This information could lead to an arrest of more persons, or even clear Burkhart as the wrong key suspect in this arson spree, although since the arrest of Burkhart, no new arsons have been reported.


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