Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newly Blonde Katy Perry On SNL Tonight: Look For More Than Few Boob Jokes

With her new and fresh shorter blonde hair do, Katy Perry holds a lot of promise as delivering a memorable new SNL tonight. Word on the street is to look for some really funny racy skits specially tailored for the star guest to excel in. Katy Perry also hinted that there will likely be far more than just a few boob jokes and skits tonight. Gee, who could have guessed that one?

The popular singer remarked about much she loved cast member Kristen Wiig. Perry noted, "And if she asked me to do anything. I'd totally do it".

Just last season, Katy's husband Russell Brand got to host SNL, so for Brand household it's becoming a family thing it seems.

Look for a few outlandish wardrobe changes tonight that highlight Katy Perry's boobs as well. You can see that one coming all the way up Broadway. But, all the fun should be in the details. It should be an enjoyable 90 minutes of laughs as well as few timely news item jokes as well.

BTW: Katy Perry also supplied the voice for the female Smurfette in the latest Smurf film.


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