Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Charlie Sheen Introduces His Two New Girlfriends On TODAY

Charlie Sheen just keeps trying to top his outrageous behavior each day. Today, on NBC's TODAY Show, Sheen introduced two young women who he claims are his new live-in girlfriends. One is a porn star named "Rach" and the other a model named "Natty". Apparently, neither young woman watches the news or reads newspapers either, because they don't seem to be aware of little things, such as they're living with .....Charlie Sheen!!!

And apparently, neither girl seems concerned that this living arrangement involves three persons. Sure sounds like a menage a trois arrangement, doesn't it?.

With his outrageous and erratic behavior, the big question is how long can this living arrangement go on before Sheen goes ballistic and acts real crazy and one girl calls the 911 emergency line. Yesterday's performance by Sheen on the TODAY show was erratic and bizarre enough. Today was even more outlandish. If Sheen isn't on drugs and acted this strangely, then he's even worse off than first realized.

The final chapter of Charlie Sheen acting crazy sure hasn't been written yet.


At 2:13 AM, Blogger Scott Crawford said...

I can't figure out why Charlie Sheen is acting so self destructive. I wonder if it's some outragious publicity stunt like Joquin Phoenix did when he said he was quitting acting to become a hip-hop artist ?

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