Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wonderful World Of Jimmy Choo Shoes

You've seen on SEX IN THE CITY. Some of Hollywood's most glamorous women have beautiful feet that are set of by the wonderful creations of master shoe designer Jimmy Choo. Born in Malaysia of Chinese Hatka descent, Choo moved to North London and rented an old hospital back in 1986 to open as a handmade shoe design and manufacturing shop. Choo quickly developed a reputation in the fashion world for beautiful designs that are among some of the most expensive of luxury brand shoes sold. Yet, their beauty is well worth the price.

Fashionable women the world over who can afford the price of Jimmy Choo shoes just love this luxury brand. Jimmy Choo shoes are like the Rolls Royce of footwear, and are the most admired of any brand of female footwear. Choo's designs are intriguing and daring. He never goes for the ordinary or dull. He's a true craftsman and master designer.

In his native Malaysia, Choo has been recognized with awards for bringing great respect and honor to his nation for designing the world's best luxury shoes.

Some world luxury brands stand out for their style and quality. And Jimmy Choo shoes are excellent products, made from the very finest of materials, each carefully handmade for a perfect fit and excellent product quality.


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