Thursday, January 27, 2011

New 2012 VW Beetle Goes For That Chopped Look

VW is redesigning the Beetle model for 2012, with a brand new chopped top stance as the most striking new feature. Some spy shots have leaked on to the Web featuring the newest Beetle design which may not be quite as flattened and low slung as the Porsche in stance profile, but the new lower flattened look is slightly reminiscent of the Porsche line of automobiles for sure.

Like the trend of most cars, the new Beetle looks like it's going after the longer and lower effect.

While retaining many styling cues from the previous Beetle, the new car carries on the VW heritage of looking much like the previous model, but in new ways. It's more evolution of the Beetle, a design from the 30's that was once heavily lifted from that old Czech Tatra T97.

VWs are like a cult. They are far from the best automobiles ever produced, yet they have a distinctive style and character. In their own way, they're great.


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