Friday, January 21, 2011

Beyonce May Star In Clint Eastwood Remake Of A STAR IS BORN

Although it's been made a few times since 1937, Clint Eastwood would like to cast Beyonce Knowles in an upcoming project to remake A STAR IS BORN. Every few years it seems a beautiful singer so impresses some producers that the idea to revive this story comes back again. And Clint Eastwood appears to be so taken in by the singer that he wants her for the movie.

The 29 year old Beyonce is one of the most popular R&B acts of the last few years, having sold millions of recordings with Destiny's Child and as a solo act. She has won three major music awards singing with Destiny's Child and 13 major awards as a solo act. That's some star power.

Unlike some young stars who live troubled lives, Beyonce is a real role model. She was home schooled and prays before every concert performance. She has also become a highly successful businesswoman as well as being known for her charity work. Clint Eastwood couldn't find a better star.


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