Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Good Rating News For CONAN

TBS and CONAN O'Brien have to be pretty happy that the good rating news only continues for the show. Among young adults 18-34, CONAN now has nearly twice the viewership of any talk show. And for it's sixth week, CONAN actually increased viewership slightly, which may mean that he's beginning to build on his core audience of fans. Conan's audience now ranks at 1,309,000 average per episode. This may be down significantly from his huge premiere numbers, where huge casual audience curiosity did inflate the numbers. But, his core of fans has solidified his rating numbers into a powerful and loyal base of support for the show.

Time shifting is also important hidden demographic among CONAN viewers, by DVD recorders, TiVo and computer viewing. Many college age viewers need to watch the show at another time than late night because of school. Data estimates are that as many as 254,000 additional viewers watch CONAN through some sort of time shifting over live viewing, giving the show additional hidden strength.

Conan now has a median viewership age of just 33, making it the youngest demographic group of any talk show. Further, the show has managed to be the huge hit among the 18-34 demographic age group as well. TBS has to be ecstatic about these numbers. And Conan has the satisfaction of knowing that a huge core of loyal fans are making his new cable show a big success.
What can I say? Some fans just love CONAN.


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