Thursday, February 12, 2009

Republican Organization Targets Moderate Senators For Defeat

The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee has started a national fund raising campaign to raise funds to defeat the three moderate Republican senators who supported the economic stimulus bill. This is the latest sign that this party is quickly being taken over by the far out right, who are highly partisan, and opposed to such basic programs as federal aid to poor schools, aid to Native American programs, funding for veteran hospitals, or assistance to cities to prevent job losses by firemen or police.

Some cities such as Portland, Oregon are now in such serious economic straits due to the high 9% unemployment, that there will likely be a hiring freeze for any new fire or police jobs, as older firemen and police retire. One fire department station might be closed. And mass transit could suffer with service cutbacks as well as six or more city bus routes are eliminated. For working people trying to get to work, or those unemployed who cannot afford to drive, this yet another potential blow.

What is so disturbing about the Republican National Trust appeal to other Republican Party members is that this organization offers no solutions or answers regarding the deep recession, high unemployment, home foreclosures, lost tax revenue bases that are putting critical services such as fire departments or police jobs in jeopardy. It is purely an extremist appeal by intense partisans who have no regard for the well being of their nation.

The fact of the matter is that such persons are neither patriots or good citizens. Good persons would work constructively to see their nation recover from this recession and prosper. Reasonable persons should contribute to a constructive debate on how best to help their nation recover from the serious economic problems it faces. These people don't seem to be intelligent enough to comprehend the level of the suffering in this nation, or the importance of bipartisan participation really needed to arrive at some answers and solutions for the good of the nation.

On the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the first successful Republican candidate for president, it is pretty clear that many in Lincoln's own party have left him.


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