Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Conan O'Brien's TV Show Avoids Possible FCC Problems By Creating Absurd Website That Becomes A Smash Hit With Nearly 5 Million Hits In First Week.

I deliberately avoided commentary on this huge story for days because it deals with some mildly offensive themes, which I do not care to glamorize on this Website, which I like to keep grounded in more serious themes, or entertainment news that is significant because it deals with moral or social psychology issues. But this Conan O'Brien story is now simply too big to ignore.

Last week's Monday night, LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN used another one of their cheap and juvenile costume or character humor bits. This humor program has had a long history of using this cheap stuff for laughs. But sometimes these humor bits including an absurd Frankenstein, a "self pleasuring" bear, or other cheap costume or character bits have proven surprising effective for this program. A few years ago an absurd phenomenon was created when Conan O'Brien created a phony crisis by claiming that the actor that played "Grady" on the 1970's TV Sitcom, SANFORD AND SON was missing. This joke only snowballed and built on itself for days until the actor that played "Grady" was brought on the show as though he was recently rescued from great danger, and given a loud heroes welcome.

Last week, the biggest phenomenon ever for this show was accidently created when a manatee costume was used for a cheap bit that was satire on adult webcams. This silly bit was destined to become a national phenomenon when Conan O'Brien joked about it being from a fictictional website called which has now received over 4.5 million hits by last night and probably about 5 million hits by today in just one week's time.

The fact of the matter was that did not really exist when Conan O'Brien first mentioned the site. It turns out that standards and practices at NBC notified Conan O'Brien that any website mentioned on the air must really exist or the rights to the name must be purchased for 10 years according to some obscure FCC rule. For $159, NBC purchased the name of the website and someone over at the CONAN O'BRIEN show decided to start building the website, which has not only become a PG rated satire on XXX websites on the internet, but has drawn many strange but very talented reader submissions. This website grows bigger by the day, although it includes some outrageous mildly offensive humor that may make some skittish. The website reminds you of a 1970's NATIONAL LAMPOON MAGAZINE gag.

It is interesting that an absurdly silly website like this has really taken off and become probably the biggest phenomenon ever for Conan O'Brien's TV show. It also proves that there is no justice in life, as serious websites like mine and others suffer from far smaller readership of generally less than 250 views a day at the peak of this website when it garnered national publicity for a feature such as an analysis of serious troubles in the MidEast. An absurdly silly escapist website like has become one of the biggest hits ever on the internet, now attracting decent paid advertising by big companies on a banner, and has become a money maker for NBC, which has started cost cutting measires that will result in more cheaper to produce programming next TV season. Why has become such a big phenomenon is probably huge surprise to even the producers of LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN which will probably see a ratings bounce as a result of this silly phenomenon. The next big marketing of this phenomenon should involve selling T-shirts, hats and coffee cups or manatee stuffed toys. NBC may be laughing all the way to the bank with this phenomenon which has turned out to be a huge surprise hit. Strange things happen.


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