Saturday, December 02, 2006

Britney Spears Turns 25 Today; Nation Braces For More Hard Core Partying

Britney Spears turns 25 today. With all of the hard core partying recently, it seems difficult to figure how she can "celebrate" much harder than she already has. All three of the Brit-Pack members, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have been photographed with ultra-late night club hopping, drinking and even appearing in public without panties recently, sometimes only ending at 6AM according to some media reports. How Britney Spears can possiby top this for her birthday will be a major task, but next week the American public will likely hear all about it from the entertainment reporters.

But there is also a high price to pay for such an outrageous lifestyle. Today reports are out that Lindsay Lohan is attending AA meetings. Paris Hilton is as much a punchline of late night jokes as any one who has been in scandal. And Britney Spears, whose recent pantyless ways have been given a great amount of press coverage including nightly jokes by Jay Leno, who seemed to suggest her "limosine" exit photo making the rounds on the internet on very trashy sites like may become her Christmas card photo. Oh heavens!

There are also the impact on her fans that needs to be considered. Many young girls idolize Britney Spears. What kind of a role model wants to be photographed not wearing panties in public and out until 6AM partying. This is simply not a wholesome or admirable form of conduct. Social psychologists have long stated that while boys tend to state their juvenile delinquency by acting out with fights, violence, vandalism or other crimes, girls tend to act out juvenile delinquency through misuse of sexuality. The impact of the Brit-Pack to worsen the behavior of some young girls cannot be discounted, some young girls may be influenced into acting out in some manner that they will later regret.

The fact of the matter is that with Lindsay Lohan already repordedly attending AA meetings, all three of these wild young women will eventually have to calm their ways. 10 years from now will they still be proud of some of their public photos, and what will any children eventually say about the photos of mommy on the internet? At some point all three will have to realize that some of these ways are very self-destructive as well as a very poor influence on young girls. Britney Spears especially has responsibility here, with so many young fans. No doubt all three of these young women were raised better, with the possible exception of the father of Lindsay Lohan who was often in legal problems, but deeply lamented some of the conduct of his daughter. Even while under lock and key, Lindsay Lohan's father was deeply unhappy about some of the sexy photos that other prisoners use to decorate their cells of his now 20 year old daughter.

The big question is whether these three young women are simply "sowing wild oats" or are a self-destructive influence on themselves and fans both. Time will tell.


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